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Web site credits / data protection / exclusion of liability (hereinafter referred to as AustrianRetreats)

John Heidenreich

AustrianRetreats has been publicly accessible since 1st of september 2005. The persons mentioned above bear responsibility for editing single topics.

© - All rights reserved.
Unless otherwise indicated, all sites on this internet offer are subject to copyright. This applies in particular to texts, pictures, databases, charts, sound, video or animation files, including their set-up on the web sites. Reproduction or use of such sites (or parts of sites) in other electronic or printed publications, as well as their publication (also on the internet) is not permitted without prior approval.

Permission of publication of the web sites can be granted by the editorial department (Web site credits). Additionally, pictures, charts, text or other files can, wholly or partially, be subject to the copyright of third parties. All the trade mark symbols and trade marks mentioned within the internet offer, which may be protected by the copyright of third parties, are unrestrictedly subject to the provisions of the applicable, valid trade mark laws, and the property rights of their registered holders. The mere mentioning of a trade mark does not imply that it is not protected by third parties.

Exclusion of liability
AustrianRetreats has developed and verified the information provided in its area to the best of its knowledge. However, no warranty can be given regarding up-to-dateness, accuracy, completeness, quality, and permanent availability of the provided information. Irrespective of the regulations of article 675, section 2 of BGB (German Civil Code), the following limitation of liability applies to the provided offer of information:

AustrianRetreats and its staff are not liable for any damages arising from use or non-use of the information provided by AustrianRetreats’s internet offer. All responsibility or liability for any damages caused by viruses when accessing or downloading data, or installing or using software is disclaimed. Particular characterised web sites reflect the opinions and conclusions of their authors. AustrianRetreats expressly reserves the right to alter, amend, or delete single web sites or the entire offer without special announcements, or to stop publication temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

Links and references
AustrianRetreats is only responsible for the contents provided for use in compliance with the relevant laws. AustrianRetreats’s own contents differ from cross-references (“links”) to web sites of other providers. Through this cross-reference AustrianRetreats only provides access to these contents. AustrianRetreats does not take on any responsibility for these “external” contents as it does not initiate information transfer, does not select the receiver of the transferred information, and has not selected or altered the transferred information. Due to the chosen calling and linking method, there is no automatic, short-term intermediate storage; AustrianRetreats is therefore not responsible for these external contents. When first establishing a link to these internet offers, AustrianRetreats’s editorial department has checked if the external contents may result in civil or criminal liability. As soon as AustrianRetreats has observed or has been alerted by others that a concrete offer to which a link has been established causes a civil or criminal liability, it will immediately cancel the reference to this offer, as far as technically feasible and reasonable. For any illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and, in particular, for any damages arising from the use or non-use of information provided by third parties, the site provider to whom the link is made will be solely liable.

Data protection (Recording)
AustrianRetreats’s web server is operated by Alturo GmbH. With every request of an internet file the following access data will be stored: 1) the page from which the file was requested, 2) the name of the requested file, 3) the date and time of request, 4) the amount of data transferred, 5) access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.), 6) description of the web browser and operating system used, 7) the requesting computer’s IP address.

Data stored is used for technical or statistical reasons only. Counter-checking of data or data transfer to third parties, even in extracts, will not take place.

Cookies and JAVA-Applets can be used on AustrianRetreats’s offer of information. These functions can be suppressed by adjusting the user’s individual browser settings. After evaluation of the annual searches, the recorded data will be deleted. AustrianRetreats offers the possibility to indicate personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses) when contacting AustrianRetreats for ordering purposes, subscription of newsletters, feedback and possible participation in discussion forums or other services. Using the offered services by the user occurs on a volunteer basis only. German law applies exclusively.

Last alteration, Radenthein, 28th of october 2005


© 2023, All rights reserved.

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